Electric Bike D2/D2S

FIIDO D2S Shifting Version 16inch 36V 7.8A 250W Electric Bike  E-bike Folding Bicycle Moped 25km/h Max 50KM Mileage - White
FIIDO D2S Shifting Version 16inch 36V 7.8A 250W Electric Bike E-bike Folding Bicycle Moped 25km/h Max 50KM Mileage - White


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Ich habe viele verschiedene Fahrräder ausprobiert, seit ich jung war, aber ich glaube, dass Ebike meinFavorit.Myletzte ist Giant, was wirklich cool ist, aber es ist alt, also muss ich etwas eles auf Facebook, Amazon oder einige von der Website suchen.Der Grund, warum ich endlich die Fiido D2 ebike gekauft habe, ist das coole Design und die starke Kraft, ich kann überall hin fahren, wo ich will. Ich lebe in Byron und dieses Fahrrad gibt mir eine tolle neue Erfahrung, so manchmal versuchen Sie etwas Neues und Sie können eine überraschende Wirkung bekommen.Dieses Elektrorad fido D2, ich empfehle es
My first electric bike. Very well built, easy to get ready to ride. Battery life seems good. I'm 200 lbs, and I can do up to 30 mph on a flat roadway, a speed faster than I would normally travel. The only downside I can foresee is the fact that it is a bit weighty, but having the good build quality offsets that issue. The electric boost is only applied when pedaling, so when you are approaching a stop or want just a bit of hold-back, just stop pedaling. A great product in my opinion,fiido folding bicycle moped, fiido shifting version moped, shifting version e-bike moped, fiido shifting version moped e-bike, fiido electric bike e-bike
I am very happy with this purchase. Using bike for commuting to work and it is really convenient way of transportation. I can pick this bike with me to take a train without additional cost due to the fact it is foldable. Really happy. It arrived about 4 days after order, that’s so good!
I ride it almost everyday. There is not much to put it together and it was easy to unfold. I have become a pro at it. It just made it a little awkward to put it in my vehicle. This bike in my opinion is worth it! I use it to get to my classes and back to my vehicle. I have also met a few people that also have foldable bikes. And it is a great conversation starter. I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone who needs a bike to fit easily in their vehicle and needs to use it on a daily basis. Oh and it takes less than a minute to fold it and to unfold it. Which also makes it super convenient if you have any time restraints within your schedule. There are 6 speed gear, you can choose the mode and speed as you like. Actually, I have tried 6 gear and the different riding speed is really cool. One more thing, the seat is truly comfortable. It’s soft and paddy enough for riding. Overall best purchase ever!