Electric Bike D3/D3S

  • I've had this for about 6 months now and have used it quite a bit. Yes it's a cheap ebike with cheap components, but most of it works very well despite all that. There were a few defects that did not warrant return, but show the cheapness of it. That aside, it has been a great bike and battery range is more than needed for what i've used it for. I would buy it again despite the defects and why i still give it a 5 star rating.fiido d3s shifting version moped e-bike, 250w electric bike moped e-bike, fiido d3s shifting version electric bike, 250w moped e-bike, white shifting version moped e-bike.
  • This bike is great. The bike came in great condition. All details were reviewed no scratches all details were perfect for use. Easy to assemble in hour it was ready to go on the road. After a week the bike runs smoothly. If there’s something to say that could be better I’d say it could have more power and the speed control could be a bit better. Otherwise it’s fantastic I recommend it.fiido folding bicycle moped e-bike, fiido electric bike moped e-bike, fiido electric bike, fiido folding bicycle, 14inch moped e-bike
  • This electric bike is exactly what I was looking for, faster than you would expect! It's stylish and simple to assemble/dissemble. This ebike works amazingly as well! I was worried if the motor is strong enough to climb inclines. It turned out that everything goes well no matter when climbing a hill or crossing a busy area! Extremely satisfied with the power of the motor. Highly recommend!
  • I love this bike! Great for apartment living or if you have bad hips. Everything about it is stout and well made. The rear rack is part of the frame and adds strength and rigidity. There are 3 adjustable height, cam lever locks on the frame, seat center post and handle bars allowing it all to fold up and out of the way. It is very simple to fold, unfold. The bike has zero frame rattling when unfolded and locked in place. The gears and shifter, six speed, are very quiet and smooth with no gear grinding or clunking. The shifter mechanism is on the right handle grip and is spot on. The seat is well cushioned and comfortable. Additionally, the shock absorber, a kickstand and fenders are pre installed..so nice!
  • I am very happy with this bike, I feel that this is my best purchase ever. I really recommend this bike to anyone because it is very convenient. It doesn't need a lot of space in my small apartment.
  • This is a really great little ebike. I received it quickly and unfolded it in about 30 minutes, and it was ready to use straight away. It takes just a few pedal strokes before you can use the thumb throttle, and then you can go whizzing along without pedalling at all if you like. I've been going at over the 15mph on the flat, and 13 even up hill. Being small it fits into my limited space, such as a trunk. A really great buy which will save me a lot of petrol as I can use it to go into town. So nice!
  • This bike is awesome. It rides great and the power last longer than expected. It's very easy to unfold and lock tightly for a quick riding. It save a lot of space, jut fold it and put it into your trunk or some corners. That's so convenient for a routine commute. Good electric folding bike! I have had this bike for couple of days and have about 30 miles on it already. If you have been looking at electric bike I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this bike.
  • Actually, this is a cool looking bike! It was quick and easy to assemble using the included tools. It seems well built, with very heavy brazing at the joints. It's nice and light, and rides easily. I like the fact that it has folding pedals, making it easy to fit into compact spaces. The braking seems really effective, using a rear coaster brake. The center of gravity is slightly toward the back of the bike, so at quick stops or when braking going downhill you won't be thrown forward. The seat post is easily adjustable, and goes high enough that it fits my 6'2" son. The gearing seems to be good, you can get a decent speed for level ground to low hills. The pedals are slightly forward of the seat rather than directly below, but you will get used to this easily. And there are fenders, so it’s no problem to ride in wet weather on muddy roads. It's a great, all-around utilitarian bike.
  • This well exceedes my expectations. Where I live is very hilly and sitting down with light pedaling and throttle on full whack takes care of them no problem. Battery life is great too, get 2 journeys to and from work before needing a charge. It is light-weight so its convenient to carry around.