• "This is an absolutely amazing electric bicycle. My wife and I have been looking for folding ebikes for quite some time. After some extensie research, we found this highly rated bike at an umbelievably affodrdable price. The bike is very sturdy and rides extremely smooth. I don't know what the experience would be like with a more expensive folding bike since I've never tried one. But both my wife and I are very pleased with our FIIDO's so far. They fold and unfold in seconds and we can fit both in our trunk to take on road trips. If you are like me who loves to take the bike on road trips or simply doesn't have room to store a full sized bike, get this one. You won't find anything better at this price. And, the seat cushion is soft so it's good for a long ride."
  • "Bought this e-bike for the camper van to get bit more out of the camping trips. It arrived about 4 days after order without any hassle. The bikes are superb for taking off quickly at junctions and getting up a hill with all my shopping in my pannier bags which i bought before. I am not sure how long the battery can last but there is a battery indicator that dropped from 4 to 3 after 1 hour of use ( used straight out of the box). It is still on green after full recharge and a days use but i dont use battery assist all the time. It is a quality product, folds easily, neatly and in under few minutes. I am so glad I got for this folding bicycle and we are having lots of fun. They are a good value for money!"
  • "The bike arrived quickly only after a couple of days and very well packaged, so well done for the prompt response! The instructions to assemble were pretty clear and within an hour the bike was working. Gears arrived correctly set up and all systems were ready to go as the battery arrived already charged. Since purchasing I have used it on a daily basis - also cycling up for an exercise at the hill nearby my house. The bike is great as there are 3 riding modes. The electric mode is obviously speedy. The pedal and electric assist is fine for relaxation. The ebike itself is lightweight, and can be folded so that I can carry it in my car when camping. I think it will need a daily charge, although to date I have yet to run out. The seat is soft and paddy. There is not any uncomfortable feeling during 2 hours riding for me. The electric bicycle is flexible on many parts, which is great for me as I can share it with my brothers. Good product! Highly recommended."