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Is a Fiido Power Bike For You?

  • Friday, 19 March 2021
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Is a Fiido Power Bike For You?

The Fiido Power Bike range of bikes has one thing in common with most other bike companies - they like to refer to their products as 'powered' or 'energy efficient'.fiido power bike In fact, their claim to fame is that the company is one of the few companies that have designed a product that can both cut through the wind and use the energy it does have to propel the user forward rather than simply push them along. The bike is powered by two dynamo kits that kick up and redirect the power to the motor powering the rear wheel. The resulting force is more than powerful enough to take over any uphill challenge head on.

The company's range of bikes are built to last. Many of the models in the Fiido range have been designed so that they are tough and able to stand up to the hardest testing of off-road environments. They are built tough to ensure that no matter where you ride your bike you are safe and secure.

Of course, not all Fiido bikes are created equally. The top end bikes will give you the best in suspension designs to keep you stable over the bumps and gaffes that are part and parcel of off road riding. For those who are looking for something a little bit softer and lighter, the company has a selection of lighter bikes that use different spring systems to give you a smooth ride. Softer bikes are able to cope with the bumps and scrapes that can be found on most bike trails.

If you're thinking about purchasing a Fiido, you've got to decide how far you want to go. Starting at just over $300, the range is split into three main price brackets. The least expensive of the models will give you a great foundation to build on with some additional features, such as suspension and more complex builds. You can upgrade to a top end model that will blow your mind, however! For an extra investment you can purchase a hard tail version that will allow you to cruise up and down the mountain in complete comfort.

You can choose between a hard tail (no rear suspension) or a full suspension bike. Fiido power bikes use Kona performance wheels and forged rear ends to put out the most power per gram of torque. You'll have to get your feet up high enough on the bike to get the best possible performance from these bikes.

When it comes to the price, don't let the range scare you! Fiido bikes are known for being solid performers, so you should have no problem getting the most out of your pedal power. If you're looking for a bike to travel with on your holidays, check out the Fiido Tour range. You won't regret the investment!

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